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Via ferrata in Transylvania

Adrenaline release and stunning views!

If you like to travel in the mountains & love hiking, but would also like to visit steeper areas, via ferrata are ideal adventures. Breathtaking views both everywhere you look: a via ferrata takes you along the wire cable to magnificent heights!

Transylvania Tours

Trekking in the Carpathians

Blend the trek with cultural sights!

Trekking in the Carpathians and Cultural visits. 

Our walking tours in Romania are designed for active travelers and include several distinct regions, each of them offering unspoiled nature, excellent trekking & easy hiking opportunities and welcoming people.

Transylvania Tours

Bike tour in Romania

Romania offers cyclists of all skills and levels something to enjoy, with a terrain that ranges from steep and challenging to gentle and pleasant. Romania's countryside will not disappoint a bike tour enthusiast. Peasant culture remains a strong force and medieval ways prevail, more so than anywhere else in Europe.

Transylvania Tours

Bird-watching and bear-watching in the Carpathians

The tour is specifically designed for those who want to focus on birding and bear watching holiday whilst enjoying the chance to see wild and beautiful mountains of Romania. There are opportunities to cover botanical aspects of the crossed areas, to see mammals and other wildlife, or to visit cultural and sightseeing sites.

Transylvania Tours

Trekking, caving and via ferrata in Apuseni Mountains

Apuseni Natural Park represent a marvelous mountain forested region which have preserved its culture and traditions, coming from ancient times; the beauty of the Apuseni Mountains (aka “Sunset Mountains”) landscape caches the visitor sights and fills their heart with joy every time we travel over there.

Transylvania Tours

The Waterways of Danube Delta - Biosphere Reserve

Enjoy a wonderful experience deep down into the Danube Delta, enriching you sights and senses with pristine images and rich sensations! The boat navigates through lush green reeds and marshes, solitary birds hovering around us from time to time; the remote villages live in a contemplative silence, bothered infrequent by the birds chirping.

Transylvania Tours

Transylvanian Equestrian Encounter. Day trip from Sibiu

Explore the hills of Transylvania on horseback and discover colorful meadows, majestic beech and oak forests, medieval remote villages and many more! 

We will discover Transylvanian villages: Apos, Richis and Copsa Mare. Live a unique equestrian experience with us in a special area of Transylvania!