"Hi Catalin,

Thank you, Catalin for making our three day German Heritage tour unforgettable and special. You are very knowledgeable and kind. Your guiding and driving skills are excellent. I enjoyed every minute of the tour and learned so much about Romania. Next time I am ready to explore more of your beautiful country, I shall ask you to organise my trips. Thank you to Paula too, for taking time out of the Easter holiday in order to help us organise this tour.

Gordana Pirie from New Zealand, currently working in Romania"

"My dear Catalin,

Please forgive me for having taken so long to write to you. I could blame the jet lag but that would not quite be the truth...I have to admit to a small amount of laziness!

I cannot thank you enough for the services you so willingly provided all through the 9 days that we spent in Romania. What I recall with great admiration is your vast knowledge of your country and your obvious pride, not only in Romania but also in what at you do and say to bring alive all those years of migration and counter migration the Romanian people have been through. Very few countries have had an un-blemished past but what is important is that the present is benefitting from it and that is what you showed to me, while you drove us around Bucharest and over the 1000 kms. we covered together. And your driving skills were not bad either! You never once complained about the long hours you spent behind the wheel of your very comfortable car; instead you willingly stopped in the forest just so that I could indulge in a short walk there and pick berries...something I have not done in life so far!

Once again, many thanks for making ancient Romania come alive for me on the long drive back to Bucharest ... I wanted a short version but really enjoyed your lecture and your all too evident in-depth knowledge.


Dakshu Mansukhani"

"Hi Catalin,

I never did give you written feedback from that wonderful day in September. I hope you have had plenty of business since then!

We had a trip in beautiful hilly countryside, ranging from energetic walking to relaxing, eating and chatting. Throughout the time together you found something interesting to tell us. It was thoroughly enjoyable day whether we were Romanian residents or foreign visitors. Keep up the good work.

Spor la treaba, and have good Sf Andrei and weekend.

Kind regards,  


"Dear Catalin,

Our trip to Romania was really a great trip, and I would like to thank you very warmly for your kind assistance, day after day, your answers to all our questions, the very interesting speeches you gave us on the road. You live in a fascinating country, exceptionnally rich in historical and natural beauties and you were able to reveal them to the group with enthusiam and humour : thanks a lot !
You are right to be fond of your country and we all appreciated that.

We all keep so many visions, we have seen so many places, landscapes and animals.

Well this was a total success!

Please convey my best regards to your wife, as well as to Gabi the excellent driver!
And remember, whenever you would have the opportunity to come to Switzerland, you'll be most welcome, don't forget to inform us in advance so that we can show you a bit of our country.

Best regards and best wishes for a nice summer.


"Dear Catalin.
Thank you again so very much for your wonderful guidance, driving, great knowledge of Romanian history and good company!! We are so greatful.

Wonderful experience :-)
We can rest and enjoy the good memories of a splendid week in your beautiful country.
Thank you again and all the best!
Best wishes and good luck
Sven Nybo R and Ingeborg Westenholz"

"Dear Catalin.

Just a thank you for the wonderful guiding and kindness and knowledge that you gave us the week we had together with you in Rumania. We had so much fun. Ernst has been in bed with a flue after we returned, but is okay now. I hope to come back again one day.

Manny- manny greetings from

Bente & Ernst"

"Dear Alexandra,

Thank you so much for your assistance.  I had a wonderful stay in Romania, and truly one that I won't forget.  Catalin is a wonderful tour guide and very knowledgeable in all the sites we visited.  Thanks to him for his expertise and professionalism.  The accommodations were all very nice and beyond my expectations.

I wish you and the company all the best.

Cheers, Charles Ng"

"Dear Alexandra,Had a great time. Catalin was absolutely one of the best guides I have ever had. Knowledge, personality, energy and even his driving were the best. In fact I have two friends who are coming in July and they want to use you and Catalin (copied on this email). Your attention to detail and responsiveness was amazing and I appreciate all your efforts. Hotels were good and I loved the food especially mamaliga. Thanks for everything."

"Bests," David

“Dear Alexandra:

Thank you!  We are doing well and hope you are too!!

Sorry for my late reply – we just arrived back home.  Yes, we definitely had a great time with your colleague Catalin.  The castles were amazing and we were so so happy to have snow!!!  We also enjoyed the city of Brasov and the great meal we shared with Catalin.  We enjoyed his company, his information about the sites and cities, and his safe driving in the heavy snow condition! Overall we had a great time!!

Thanks so much for arranging the tour for us and for being so efficient and nice!!!!  We hope to visit Romania again!!  If we do, we will definitely contact you!

Take care and maybe someday you will be able to visit Los Angeles!

Have a great New Year!!


Carlos & Tracey”