Transfagarasan - One day trip on the highest road in Transylvania!
The Transfagarasan Highway, named the world's best road by Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, is the most fascinating road in Transylvania, due to it's landscape, that it's the highest road in Transylvania (2042m), but also due to its interesting story!

A visit to Romania wouldn't be complete without a trip on the Transfagarasan Road! Without a doubt, it's a breathtaking road!

Duration:  1 full day    (12 - 14 hrs. approx from Bucharest)
Operating days: July-October
Price: 125 euro/person for minimum 2 people traveling together
Included: transport, professional local guide.
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The one day tour can start from Bucharest, Brasov or Sibiu. In this day we will discover this wonderful road but also some other attractions on the way. 
The road is open every year from July to October


Transfagarasan Road – spend One Day in The Sky!

Curtea de Arges Monastery built between 1514-1517 years. The church was rebuilt to its actual shape in 1885, after a devastating fire. You can admire the interior columns (12) representing the 12 apostles, the relics of different Saints and the tombs of King Ferdinand, Carol I and of queens Maria and Elisabeth. Here you will learn about the myth of the artisan Manole.

Poienari Citadel, the mysterious foundation of Vlad Tepes. To admire the beauty and the wilderness of Arges Valley, you will climb 1480 steps reaching the Poienari Citadel. 

Vidraru Dam - considered by specialists a real jewelry of engineering. It was built, with many human sacrifices (about 80 persons lost their lives during its construction) between 1961 and 1966.

Balea Lake - is a glacier lake situated at 2,034 m of altitude in the Făgăraș Mountains. The lake and the view from there is the reward you get after you drive on one of the most beautiful roads in the world. 



Meet the guide at 8.00. He will pick you up from your hotel and then drive to Arges Valley. 
First stop is Curtea de Arges Monastery. Located at the end of a boulevard with hundreds of years old linden trees, Curtea de Arges Monastery is the most important pilgrimage and prayer place in the county of Arges, with the “Assumption of the Virgin” as its dedication day.
Founded in the time of Neagoe Basarab Voivode, between 1512 and 1517, the monastery is a part of the most famous Romanian legend, “The legend of master Manole”. Known also as the Episcopal Church, the house of worship is 18 meters length, 10 meters wide and 25 meters high. As a curiosity, the naos and the pronaos are not separated by a door, but by the frame of a door, placed between two columns.
Over time, it endured several restoration sessions. The present shape was given by the French architect Andre Lecomte du Nouy and the Romanian architect Nicolae Gabrielescu, in the last half of the 19th century. The restoration works were finished in 1885, and the church was dedicated on 12 October 1886.
Nearby, located on the top of the mountain, there is the Poenari Fortress, a former residence of Vlad Tepes (also called Dracula), built as a fortress against the Ottoman invaders. There is a road of over 1400 steps that leads to the fortress. Although it is just a ruin, one can take photos of the Vidraru Dam and Fagaras Mountains. Extreme sensations lovers say that this is the meeting place of vampires.
We are now at the beginning of the road. First, we see Vidraru Dam, along Transfagarasan Road.
It is considered by specialists a real jewelry of engineering. It was built, with many human sacrifices (about 80 persons lost their lives during its construction) between 1961 and 1966. 42 kilometers of subterranean galleries were drilled, about 1 768 000 cubic meters of hard rocks were excavated (of which one million had to be extracted from the undergrounds), 930 000 cubic meters of concrete were used and 6 300 tons of electro – mechanics equipment were set up for its construction.
The accumulation lake, with a water accumulation volume of 465 million cubic meters, ha a total surface of 870 hectare and the maximum depth of 155 meters. The power station is in the underground, in the Cetatuia Massif, at 104 meters depth, and it can generate an approximate of 400 GWh per year.
At the completion date, it ranked 5th in Europe and 9th in the world. Its outline is electrically lighted by night, so it can be noticed from the plane.
On Plesa Mountain there is also the sculpture of Prometheus, with the flash of lightning in his hand, as a symbol of electricity, made by sculptor Constantin Popovici.
The highest launching runway for bungee jumping was arranged at the Dam for the extreme sport lovers.
The finally we will reach The Road!
Transfagarasan has two traffic lanes of 92 kilometers long. Because of the countless turns, the average speed is maximum 40 km per hour. Along this route there are 27 viaducts and bridges, and the longest road tunnel in Romania – 887 meters, which passes through Paltin Mountains, from Capra to Balea Lake. The ventilation of the tunnel is made naturally, thanks to the extremely powerful currents. The traffic lane inside the unlighted tunnel is only 6 meters wide and there is a one meter broad pavement.
The landscape is fantastic, and the differences of altitude and the curves represent a challenge for both cars and drivers. 
As you approach, the road starts to gradually climb and you watch how the mountains get closer. Suddenly you gain real altitude, and through the breaks of the trees, look behind you and see the farmland shrinking as you get higher.
Before you know it, you've reached the amazing part of the road, towards the summit, where there are countless switchbacks and your engine is struggling to keep you going. You’re loving every minute, soaking in the views, stopping for photos, and wondering if it could get any better.
All of a sudden you enter a tunnel (which you later find out is the longest road tunnel in Romania). When you come out from the tunnel to the other end of it, you have crossed the mountains, and you are looking at Romania far down below.
The trip down the highway is an exercise in not overheating the breaks, and the road gradually smooths out again as you lose altitude and get farther from the mountains. Beyond breathtaking!
It's definitely the most epic day of driving you can find in this part of the world!

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Price: 125 euro/person for 2 people traveling together (minimum). 
  • transport by car for this day
  • English speaking guide
Not included:
  • Entrance tickets for Cureta de Arges Monastery (2 euro) and Vlad Dracul's Poienari Fortress (3 euro) 
  • Traditional Romanian lunch ("sarmale" with polenta and Romanian desert with 8 euro/person) - optional.
​For more than 5 persons, please ask for the special price. Details at or

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