Peles Castle
Located in Sinaia, a famous mountain resort of Prahova Valley, at 44 kilometres away from Brasov, the fascinating Peles Castle watches out at the landmark between legend and history. With a beautiful history behind and an irresistible charm, the castle imposed itself as the main attraction of Sinaia.

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A long time ago, in august 1866, king Carol I of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen arrived in the neighbourhood and spent the night at the monastery of Podul Neagului (as Sinaia was known at that time). He fell in love with the wild and tranquility of the landscapes, and immediately decided to built a castle here. In 1873, king Carol ordered the beginning of the construction works of the Peles Castle.

 For this castle, the king selected one of the most brilliant officials of the German School, Wilhem Doderer, who was designated with the important task to conceive the architecture of the building. The extravagance and opulence of the castle that reminds us of the famous Bavarian castles and palaces of King Ludovic, is the work of of Karl Liman, who patterned the castle with a Renaissance style.

All the 160 rooms of the castle are opulently decorated with leather and the most precious essence of wood. The most famous are the Armor Room, the Ball Room-where paintings and sculptures representing 16 Hohenzollern castles are exhibited- the concert room, and, of course, the Royal Suite. The Entrance Hall is magnificent, with walnut tree carvings, covered with bas-reliefs and statuettes. The movable glass ceiling, activated by an electric engine or by a manual system, was a surprise element for the king’s visitors, who could admire the sky on cloudless summer nights.

Peles Castle houses imposing statues, Meissen and Sevres porcelains, important collections of weapon and armor, gold and silver forks, knives and spoons.

An important detail about Peles Castle, is that beside the fact that is considered one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, it is also the first to be entirely electrified on the continent. Its own power station was located on the bank of Peles Brook. Otherwise, the building had, even at that time, an interior elevator, vacuum cleaner and central-heating system.

Also the first movie ever broadcasted in Romania took place in the Theatre room of the palace.

 After the Bran Castle, Peles Castle is considered to be the second most visited museum in the country.

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