• Biertan - where time stood still

    Old, authentic villages that remained unchanged in structure for hundreds of years, red roof houses with big carved wooden gates, churches and fortifications that seem frozen in time, diverse ethnicity- in one word-Transylvania, the land that still keep the marks of the Saxons!
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  • Sighisoara - The best Preserved Medieval Town of Europe

    As you walk through the gated entrance of Sighisoara, time changes its dimension. Known as the birthplace of the ruler that inspired the fictional Count Dracula, Sighisoara is one of the best-preserved citadels of Europe and also the only inhabited medieval citadel in Eastern Europe.
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  • Viscri- a hidden treasure

    If you want to visit an authentic place where people still live in perfect communion with nature, come to Viscri, a classic Saxon village where you can easily forget what time period you’re in!
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