Hotel & Aqua President - Baile Felix Thermal Baths
Geothermal mineral waters which Baile Felix were blessed have proven over hundreds of years, its properties fully exploited in our treatment centers.

Spring temperatures between 40 and 49 degrees Celsius and salt concentration slightly above 1 g per liter giving to these waters miraculous properties for most locomotion disorders, fitting in the category of oligomineral waters.
Duration: 2, 3 nights, 7 nights, 12 nights, 14 nights,  or more
Operating days: all year long
Included: breakafst or full-board accommodation, treatment procedures.
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Tradition claims that by the year 1095 King Ladislau, traveling through these lands would have discovered the hot springs with therapeutic role. The earliest evidence of the existence of these baths is dating from 1221, the time of Magno Hevius Abbey - Varadina, which lasted on this places until the time of the Turks.
Baile Felix is the largest resort in the country, which has already earned a well-deserved reputation both in Romania and abroad, located in the north - west of the country, 9 km from Oradea. Cris Plain located in a hilly area with beech and oak forests, at an altitude of 140 meters. Located in a very picturesque geographically, being favored by a moderate continental climate of the lowlands and hills, with mild winters and temperate under the influence of factors such as the Mediterranean, Baile Felix keep its purely character as a resort through the inexhaustible richness of thermo-mineral waters.
In recognition of the therapeutic qualities at the World Exhibition in Paris. in 1896, the waters of this resort have been awarded with gold medal and diploma of honor.
For leisure the resort features indoor and outdoor swimming pools, football field, mini golf, grocery, pharmacy, bazar, bank, ATM, etc.. Evenings are seasoned with parties with traditional Romanian specific, and in summer the pools are animated by aquazumba, aquafitness and foam parties with DJ.
The forest surrounding the resort is ideal for sports lovers and not only. Among the activities we mention riding, paintball, mountainbiking, trailrunning or just a simple walk in nature.
Range of treatments and curative procedures 2015
A. Rheumatic Diseases
1. Acute Rheumatic Diseases
- reactivated arthritis
- acute flares concerning Rheumatoid Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis
2. Chronic rheumatic diseases
- denerative: peripheral arthritis, spinal cord, with sciatica of scartroza LS
- inflammatory type: rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis
- metabolic type: uric arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic arterioapatia
B. Neurological Diseases
- mono and secondary polyneuritis
- post-stroke paresis
C. Post trauma Sequelae
- sprains with joint stiffness
- sequelae after fractures with algoneuro distrophia
D. Sequelae after surgery
- postlaminectomi
- prosthetic hip surgery
- knee prosthetic surgery
E. Neuroses stress
Treatment facilities in President Complex
A. Crenotherapy (internal thermal therapy with Felix water ) for:
- gastroduodenite
- chronic enterocolitis
- irritable bowel
- cholecystopathies
- kidney disease, cystitis, etc…
B. Electrotherapy - with all forms of low and medium frequency currents, laser therapy, magnetic
therapy, four cell galvanic bath, Stanger bath
C. Kinetotherapy
- physical therapy rooms equipped with specific equipment
- spinal traction
- lymphatic drainage device
D. Hydrotherapy
- in the pool with thermal water and physiotherapy
- underwater shower
- scottish shower
E. Thermotherapy
- peloidoterapie (mud therapy)
- paraffin wraps
- shortwaves
F. Hand massage
- segmental or regional medical
G. Antistress therapyes
- herbal baths (wet and dry)
- magnetic sedative
- sedative massage
- scottish shower
- doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, masseurs
- long term experience in the field
-possibilities of drug treatment for specific diseases and for the breakthrough (angina, viruses, etc.)

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Not included:
-transportation (on request)
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